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Guide to the traditional wedding running order

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Guide To The Traditional Running Order

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Traditional running order. The Ideal Bride Guide

Not sure when key parts of the day should take place? We’ve provided brides and grooms with a guide to help them decide how they want their day to run. This is a traditional running order of a wedding day, but after all it is your day and you decide what happens and when.


The person performing the marriage ceremony will have a full order of service.

Formal photographs

The formal photographs you pose for. You may choose to take these outside your venue and include your guests


A chance for everyone to relax and have a welcome drink. Giving the bride and groom time to have more photos taken


The first meal of your married life – traditionally known as the wedding breakfast


no set rule for when these should take place, but traditionally they start after the dessert and in the following order

Bride’s father or the person giving her away

Traditionally this speech introduces the bride to the groom’s family, filled with praise and happy memories and finishes with a toast to the couple

The bridegroom

will include thanks to the brides parents for their help and support with the wedding. An ideal opportunity for the groom to address his new wife. Finishing with a toast to the attendants

The best man

it is the role of the best mans speech to introduce the groom to the bride’s family. It is expected that the speech will include amusing stories involving the groom, but these should not be to close to the line. Finishing with messages from absent guests and a toast to the happy couple

Cake cutting

announced by the master of ceremonies or the best man. The couple make the first cut and then the cake is taken away to be sliced

First dance

the newlyweds take to the floor for their first dance as husband and wife to a song of their choice. It is then tradition for the bride to dance with her father and the groom to dance with his mother. Then the bride will dance with her father in law and the groom with his mother in law.


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