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Write For Us

Ideal Bride Magazine Embrace New Writers to Contribute to Our Website

You are not required to be an experienced author when making contributions to our website, but we are regularly looking forward to welcoming fresh guest writers with adequate knowledge to become contributors. We understand that when you submit a contribution to us; you would find it to be a challenging and rewarding experience.

When you submit a post on our Ideal Bridge Magazine website, you will be working with highly rated editors who will be looking forward to providing you constructive feedback along with advice to assist you in your effort of continuing to learn about writing on broad and interesting topics while at the same time communicating your thoughts to the others.

When you post as a guest, you will be entering into our established community and will get an opportunity to share your content with numerous people and will be sending your message across to a number of readers.

Your content could possibly be read by millions because we are catering to a global audience and changing lives with educational, inspiring and positive content which you can moreover, be a part of.

Experienced Writers Are Welcome to Contribute to Our Website

Our established community of readers would experience great benefits from the submission of exciting ideas and contributions from experienced guest writers. Our readers generally look forward to enjoying a variety of different topics, perspectives and writing styles that various writers bring to our website. A writer who is established will also have an opportunity to benefit from an audience, which will be unknown and fresh and will allow you to establish connections with new people from within our community of readers.

Write for us — What Ideal Bride Magazine Are Looking for

Before you submit any content to become a guest writer for us, our suggestion to you is scan through the content on our website in order to become familiar with the style and structure and to avoid sending content that looks similar to existing articles.

You are advised to ensure that your contribution is original, informative and exclusive for the website and has not been published on the Internet earlier. We do not condone plagiarism and verify all content that is submitted to us. You are advised to cite sources and quotes from other people without exceptions. Publishing of suggestions is not entertained. However, if you intend to publish on your own site permission for the same must be sought after initially.

You must understand that grammar; punctuation and spelling must be checked adequately because failing to do so could turn a great piece of writing into one that will become a real bore for reading. It is also essential for you to include the keywords, which people would use when searching for content on the subject you are writing about. If you are looking forward to maximum effects, you should have a title that is interesting and the first line should contain the most relevant and interesting information that generally should be close to the beginning of the content.

We accept a number of suggestions for our hungry readers from guest writers who are willing to provide content of 500 to 1500 words and are prepared to include relevant links, which will be helpful along with photographs if they are appropriate. Visual content like original photographic imagery can inspire and engage the reader by enhancing their interest to read more of the information, which is offered.

What is Ideal Bride Magazine?

Ideal Bride Magazine is a digital monthly wedding magazine; an indispensable resource for the style conscious bride. Ideal Bride Magazine showcases the opulent and the exquisite; from the finest floral designs to picture perfect photographers.

Our brides rest assured in the knowledge that Ideal Bride Magazine only represents service providers and suppliers committed to delivering superior standards of excellence and service.

Submit an Article

Wedding / bridal related articles must have a unique and interesting spin which compliments our existing content.
We will publish articles we deem to be less relevant and promotional but we charge £100 GBP for this service – please email editor@myidealwedding.co.uk to submit your article. All sponsored articles will contain ‘do-follow’ links.
Articles must be to a professional and well-written standard, with a word count of around 800 and should be interesting and in keeping with our other posts.
Articles must be completely original content, including Posts found on your own blog.
Any images used must be high resolution.
Feel free to email us at editor@myidealwedding.co.uk

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